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Eric Brustad - Owner of Erix Coach and Car™

Passionate About My Success and Yours

Since 2018 I have been driven to succeed. (no pun intended)

I have made a handful of mistakes and have learned from each. It is very true to realize that things happen, However; Keeping your self in a postion to prevent "things from happening" is a skill to be learned and habit to be forced. Never in my life did I ever think that I would be this successful and happy. I am thankful for every Affiliate, Client and Customer I have had the opportunity to work for and honored to be seen as competition to those that claim I compete.

I have to say that I loved it when I would have a simple question whether it was a moral standpoint or Industry standard (Which I have found are not necessarily different) and call up a local Large Limo company to ask them what their view was or what they would do and have them respond "I shouldn't talk to you because your competition".

Loved it !!

I am only one guy with one Suv and an insanely Huge and incredibly Epic amount of ambition to become one of the big hitters. 

2020 is only my second year in this business and the ups and downs are the same as any business but seemingly ten fold.

Add One Vehicle Per Year and swap em out every two to three

I am Thinking that this is my vehicle theme. The hard question is which type of vehicle next? The harder part is who is going to drive them? Trust is the end result in my companies Slogan. Safety, Quality, Reliabilty, Communication and Trust.

We offer Nationwide service but 2020 is a focus of here and now. I have laid out the grade of slope in which the foundation lays on so now I let the business flow. I will update this soon.

EB 02/09/2020


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